16 Point Package Agreement

The comprehensive benefits package offered by the Government of Bangladesh to the Tribal returnees from India

1. The Govt. of Bangladesh reconfirms the earlier grant of Tk. 10,000/- and two bundles of C. I. sheet per family & reiterates that the request to raise the cash grant by Tk. 5,000/- will be considered sympathetically.
2. Permit for timber etc. for house building has already been agreed and is reconfirmed.
3. A pair of bullocks as grant to each returning family having tillable land is already agreed by the Bangladesh Government & is hereby reconfirmed. The request for an equivalent cash grant to families not owning tillable land will be considered sympathetically.
4. The Bangladesh Government has decided in write off all agricultural loans up to Tk. 5,000. Also an amount of Tk. 2,050,000 due from about 700 tribal refugee on account of other loans will also be written off.
5. a) Unemployed returning tribal youths will be given preference for employment subject to their fulfilling other requisite qualifications.
b) Those who lost years in Tripura, India will be considered for age relaxation in
Government employment under relevant rules.
c) Returning employees may be considered for re-employment in their respective
services & will also be considered for service benefits as per rules.
6. a) Students studying in camp schools in Tripura, India will be accepted for
admission in equivalent classes in Bangladeshi schools.
b) Students who passed their school certificate Examination in the Camp schools
will be allowed to appear at special S.S.C. Examination to be conducted by Comilla Board under Comilla/Tripura Board syllabus to be decided later through mutual discussion.
7. The decission of the Bangladesh Government to stop re-settlement of tribal returnees in clustered villages is hereby reiterated.
8. The request to include 4 (four) MPs H/S Rashed Khan Menon, Shajahan Chowdhury, Shajahan Choudhury and Mr. Mostuq Ahmed Chowdhury in the Tribal Refugees Rehabilitation Committee will be considered favourably.
9. All returning Tribal headman will be reinstated in their old position.
10. The decision of Bangladesh Government to remove security camps from religious places is hereby reconfirmed.
11. General Amnesty has been extended up to 30th June, 1994.
12. The members of the Shanti Bahini who received conviction during the previous Government will be considered for clemency by the Government of Bangladesh under relevant laws.
13. The request not to install security camps in civilian areas is appreciated and
reassurances are given that each camp will not be so located under normal circumstances.
14. The request for the return of paddy field to the actual owners is accepted.
15. The request to extend employment opportunities to the un-employed Tribal returnees will be considered favourably.
16. In addition to the scale of ration already announced 4 kg. dal, 2 kg. soyabean oil and 2 kg. salt will be given to each Tribal returnee family per month for a period of 6 months.


(M. A. Mannan)
Joint Secretary
Government of Bangladesh