Organisational Structure

As per the constitution, National Conference (Congress) is the supreme body of the organization. PCJSS holds the National Conference once in every after 3 years. The Conference elects the Central Committee, the highest organ of the organization. The Central Committee is accountable to the Congress for its activities.

PCJSS has its branches at District, Upazila (sub-district), Municipality, Union and Village levels. It has other wing organizations namely, Pahari Chhatra Parishad (PCP), Hill Women’s Federation, Parbatya ChattagramMohilaSamiti (CHT Women Association), Parbatya Chattagram Juba Samiti (CHT Youth Association), Girisur Shilpi Gosthi (cultural wing). The list given below depicts the names of the present Central Committee:

10th Central Committee of the PCJSS (2015-2018)

Sl. Name Designation
1. Jyotirindra Bodhipriya Larma President
2. Ushatan Talukader Vice President
3. Pranati Bikash Chakma General Secretary
4. Gunendu Bikash Chakma Assistant General Secretary
5. Shakti Pada Tripura Organizing Secretary
6. K S Mong Marma Assistant Organizing Secretary
7. Thoimraching Chowdhury Assistant Organizing Secretary
8. Satyabir Dewan Political Affairs Secretary
9. Mangal Kumar Chakma Information & Publicity Secretary
10. Sajib Chakma Assistant Information & Publicity Secretary
11. Layal Devid Bawm Assistant Information & Publicity Secretary
12. Kalpana Chakma Woman Affairs Secretary
13. Chingla Mong Chakma Land and Agriculture Affairs Secretary
14. Joli Mong Marma Education and Culture Affairs Secretary
15. Bidhayak Chakma Assistant Youth Affairs Secretary
16. Goutam Kumar Chakma Central Member
17. Madhabi Lata Chakma Central Member
18. Sadhuram Tripura Central Member
19. Jarita Chakma Central Member
20. Sathowai Prue Marma Central Member
21. Kyaba Mong Marma Central Member
22. Soukhin Chakma Central Member
23. Shambu Kumar Tanchangya Central Member
24. Udayan Tripura Central Member
25. Palash Tanchangya Central Member
26. Aung Thowai Ching Marma Central Member
27. Kainthop Mro Central Member
28. Blank
29. Blank


Advisory Committee

Sl. Name Designation
1. Sneha Kumar Chakma
2. Dhira Kumar Chakma
3. Dr. Kaniska Chakma