Propaganda against Jumma people

Foreign journalists, tourists and even domestic journalists were prohibited to visit the CHT. There has been strong censorship with regard to visiting CHT, as repression and oppression being perpetrated upon the people of CHT by the government and also there has been a fear of leakage of the fact about the struggle of the Jumma peoples for ensuring their right to self-determination that might get published in the news items. The main causes behind the control and censorship of news on CHT were – (1) to detach the CHT from home and abroad; (2) to implement the government-sponsored population migration program secretly; (3) to conceal human rights violations committed upon the Jumma people and (4) to execute the ethnic cleansing program under coverage. On the other hand, the government propagated against the just movement of the Jumma people through government-backed yellow journalists, newspapers, radio-television etc. For this purpose, the army sponsored dozens of dailies, weeklies and monthly newspapers. Several books and magazines were also published in Bengali and English from CHT with the direct financial support of the army. These newspapers and books were supplied free. The PCJSS movement was always identified as terrorist and separatist activities. The newspapers and books that were published during the 1980s and 1990s are as follows:



Publications of all the newspapers and books mentioned herein above, with exception to Daily Giridarpan and Weekly Banabhumi were stopped. The Daily Giridarpan and Weekly Banabhumi still are propagating against the PCJSS and Jumma people as well. Side by side, the army is also still continuing anti-propaganda in national dailies through using some pocket reporters working in the three hill districts.

The flow of propaganda by the military forces and government machineries is still continuing more or less in the region. In spite of all such divisive efforts, the military forces did not succeed in concealing their heinous barbarities from the conscience of whole country and the world. It happened, as the Jumma peoples followed the true and just path. The democratic, humanitarian and progressive forces including the media at home and in abroad has always been with the Jumma Peoples even those who are though still with the regime, can hardly avoid the ethics of journalism in questions of just and unjust.