A group of Joint forces arrested Suatish Chakma alias Tantu Moni Chakma, a staff member of PCJSS Central Office from his residence at around 3:30 am, today 11 May 2018. It is note-worthy that no case was filed or no warrant as such was issued against Tantu Moni Chakma.

In a press release on 11 May 2018 signed by Assistant Information and Publicity Secretary Sajib Chakma, PCJSS expresses deep concern and strong protest over the incident of taking Tantu Moni Chakma arrested by the Joint force from his residence at deep night despite having no case or warrant against him. PCJSS estimates the incident to have been an ill attempt to flow the existing situation to another direction.

PCJSS strongly demands for unconditional and immediate release of Tantu Moni Chakma and to put an end to such joint force operations involving arrest and harassment to the innocent people.

Date: 11 May 2018