The recently articulated poster titled: “What kind of brutality of JSS terrorists is this!” published and articulated by the Circulation & Publication Department of Rangamati District Awami League has drawn notice of the PCJSS. In the poster, the PCJSS has been held responsible for ‘inhuman and cruel torture meted upon Rasel Marma on 5 December 2017 in Bilaichari and ‘killing of Arabindu Chakma’ in Jurachari and ‘brutal attack upon Jharna Chakma’ on 6 December 2017.

In a press release on 7 January 2018 signed by Assistant Information and Publicity Secretary of PCJSS Sajib Chakma, PCJSS expresses strong condemnation and protest against such a conspiring poster publication and circulation of the Rangamati District Awami League with an ill intention to confuse the public opinion and degrade the PCJSS image by harboring baseless and fabricated allegation against the organization.

In fact, the people of Rangamati Hill District that is the hill residents are at their extreme point of anguish and intolerance at the brazen usage state power, boundless corruption & syndicate orientation, tender & extortion, inner-party cliques, groupism, heinous party-line practice, etc. being exercised by the Rangamati District Awami League leadership. On top of all, it is due to brazen dilly-dallying tactics in implementing the CHT Accord on part of the present Awami League even being in the state power for prolong 12 years and alongside in consequence to the anti-accord and anti-Jumma interest role of the Rangamati District Awami League leadership, the hill residents have rejected the District Awami League leadership long before. The District Awami League leadership, with a view to slipping its failure under carpet and confusing the public opinion, without having proper investigation as to who had been responsible for those attacks or the reasons thereof and without evidence, has been holding the PCJSS responsible merely to reap political harvest soon after the incidents took place. Making use of these incidents as political weapon to harass and frustrate the PCJSS leadership and over all for mean gain of hindering the implementation process of the Accord, the Rangamati District Awami League leadership continues to file up fabricated cases one after another against the PCJSS members and innocent people; and consequently, 25 innocent villagers and PCJSS members have been taken under arrest while 26 persons have been harassed and tortured under detention by the army and police in association with the local Awami League leadership. As part of the whole, the local Awami League leadership has paced ahead with such false, baseless and concocted allegations through poster campaigning, which has manifested their political catastrophe and organizational bankruptcy.

PCJSS is a political party of the permanent hill residents of all walks of life dedicated to the cause of rights and engaged in the democratic movement for implementation of the Accord. The Rangamati district Awami League leadership should not forget the point that no predecessor has ever achieved success in securing their ‘Blue Print’ by terming the PCJSS as ‘Illegal Armed Terrorists.’ On the contrary, rather it has been the PCJSS that could earn faith and acceptance all along at national and international in levels as a political party truly represented and dependable platform in struggling for rights of the deprived and excluded people of CHT. Therefore, PCJSS calls upon the Rangamati district Awami League leadership to abstain from such reckless political conspiracy and propaganda and to withdraw the conspiring posters published for achieving mean objectives.

Date: 7 January 2018