In June 2020, as part of the repression upon the Jumma people, the army set up two new camps and arrested four Jumma people including one abducted by intelligence and beaten three others, according to the June monthly report of the Parbatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti (PCJSS). Besides, it is also mentioned that murder of two Jumma and abductions 3 Jummas were reported to have been committed by army-backed armed terrorist groups and at least 40 acres of land was occupied by Muslim settlers in June 2020.

The monthly report titled “June 2020: Monthly Report on the Human Rights Situation in the Chittagong Hill Tracts” published by the Information and Publicity Department of the PCJSS on 5 July 2020 states that due to the lockdown undertaken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus, public life, livelihoods, economic and social life in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) have been forced to face an unprecedented difficult situation. This situation seems to have become more critical, especially due to the special political, economic, social, cultural and administrative systems and realities, context and distinct ethnic characteristics of the CHT. On the one hand, the political, economic, social and cultural life of the indigenous Jumma people has come to a standstill as the CHT Accord has not been implemented for almost 23 years, similarly the normal and overall way of life of the Jumma people has been disrupted due to the role and conspiracy of the government and the state forces against the CHT Accord; the aggression of the anti-Jumma communal forces and various forms of harassment, oppression and terrorism perpetrated by the state forces’ narrators, brokers, opportunists and terrorist groups.

At present, the government has completely stopped the implementation process of the CHT Accord. As a result, as the Jumma people are being deprived of their rights recognized in the Accord, similarly, the role of the CHT Regional Council and three Hill District Councils as well as the effectiveness of the special governance system of the CHT established in the light of the Accord has come to a standstill today. In fact, the government, various government institutions and individuals have themselves been violating the CHT Accord and have been playing a role against its interests of Jumma people. As in the pre-Accord period, at present military rule and authority of the army has been re-established in the CHT. Especially during the Covid-19 crisis, by deploying the army or assigning them responsibilities, in the name of dealing with Covid-19, the army alarmingly intensified extra-judicial killing, arresting, torturing and suppressing Jumma people including the members of the PCJSS and its associate associations engaged in the movement.

Not only that, the army have been creating vested armed groups and spies from among the Jumma people and inciting them against the Jumma people and has been constantly obscuring the situation by openly cooperating directly and indirectly to them. In recent time, terrorist activities of the military-backed Reformist and UPDF (Democratic) against the Jumma interests have intensified. On the other hand, the attempts of Muslim settlers have accelerated to occupy land of the Jumma people in different parts of the three hill districts due to multifaceted conspiracy of the government, army, BGB, intelligence and communal groups.

In June 2020 at least 4 Jummas have been arrested and 3 others beaten by the army including 01 abducted in three hill districts. In June, the army provided direct and open supports to the Reformist and UPDF (Democratic) armed group in expanding their terrorist and extortion activities in different parts of Rangamati and Bandarban districts with an aim to turn CHT situation into different direction and to obstruct the implementation process of the CHT Accord. On the other hand, in June 2020, the army, violating the CHT Accord, set up 2 new camps; one is in Rangamati Sadar Upazila and another more is in Hafchhari Union in Guimara Upazila of Khagrachhari District.

As in the past, in June 2020, killing, abduction, beating, extortion, detention, threatening, detaining in village, and forcing the villagers to attend meetings by the army-backed Reformist and UPDF (Democratic) terrorists are continuing. Even such atrocities are being increased more so day by day. In June 2020, 2 Jummas were killed, 3 persons were abducted, 5 were beaten, 3 UP members were threatened, 4 mobile phones from 4 people were snatched and many people were forced to pay extortion and fine and detained, threatened, apprehended and forced to attend the meeting by the army-backed terrorists of the two groups.

In addition, in June 2020, along with various acts of human rights violations by the army and terrorist activities of the Reformist and UPDF (Democratic), there has been a worrying increase in the fresh land grabbing by Muslim settlers illegally settled with political purpose. They are even continuing these misdeeds at the behest of the local administration. Attempts to occupy lands have been made by Muslim settlers in three separate places in Longadu upazila of Rangamati district, one in Panchhari upazila of Khagrachhari district, one in Lama upazila and another in Naikhyongchari upazila of Bandarban district. As a result, there has been a possibility to take place communal clashes.

In June, at least 40 acres of land were fallen to prey in forcible occupation by Muslim settlers and 8 Jumma families were subjected to be victimized. On the other hand, it has been reported that Rohingyas are fleeing from the refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar after breaking the lockdown of coronavirus in the first week of June and entering Bandarban district freely. They took shelter in a village called ‘Paingsi Ghona’ in Kalaghata of Ward No. 3 of Bandarban Municipality. It is also reported that Rohingya militant groups have been reportedly involved in smuggling yaba and various drugs and gold from Myanmar to Bangladesh through pillars 39-41 of the Bangladesh-Myanmar border in Naikhyongchhari upazila.

Atrocities of the Army

In June 2020, the incident of arrest of four people by the army including abduction of a person by intelligence agencies, torture of three people, setting up of two new camps, providing shelter and patronization to Reformist and democratic UPDF, and beating of innocent people and sending of people to jail entangling fabricated cases have been taken place.

◐ On 01 June, the army started setting up a new army camp on the site of Pratap Dewan’s land at Muroghana in Baradam union of Rangamati Sadar upazila. On the same day Rangamati Zone Commander Lt. Col. Rafiqul Islam and Major Mohiuddin Farooqui (G2) of Rangamati Army Brigade 203 Infantry Division inspected the construction work of the new camp. According to local sources, they were accompanied by some members of the Reformist and UPDF (Democratic) at the time.

◐ On June 4, Commanding Officer of Jibatali camp CO Lt. Colonel Md. Tuhin with a group of army members inspected the work of setting up a new camp at Muroghona of Rangamati Sadar Upazila on the site of the old army camp withdrawn from there.

◐ On 5 June, the army of the Subalang Army Camp in Subalang Union of Barkal Upazila beaten up two innocent Jummas on their way to Rangamati to buy decorative items for religious and social purposes in Kadamtali village. The two innocent victims were identified as Sarat Chandra Chakma (55) and Sukhmoy Chakma (44) from Purbakdamtali village. They were forced to put their signatures on white paper before releasing them.

◐ On 6 June, a group of Bangladesh Army escorted an armed group of about 20/30 members of the UPDF (Democratic) to Bilachhari Bazar in Bilaichari upazila. They are currently staying in the Bazar.

◐ On 8 June, CO of Jibtali Camp, Lt. Col. Md. Tuhin, informed the Reformists staying at Chairman Para of Jibtali Union of Rangamati Sadar Upazila that there would be no objection from the army to collect extortion from Jumma village, traders, shopkeepers and boat associations. However, the army said that the Reformists will not be able to collect any money from other Bengali neighborhoods including Gobaghona.

◐ On 18 June, a group of intelligence personnel picked up Buddhasen Thanchangya, 45, from Balaghata area of ​​Bandarban Sadar Upazila in an auto-rickshaw and beaten him up in a secret place. On 20 June, members of the intelligence forces released Buddhasen Thanchangya next to the Balaghata Cotton Development Board office. At that time, the police arrested Buddhasen Thanchangya again and falsely implicated him in a murder case and sent him to jail.

◐ On 19 June, a group of 22 members of the police’s ‘Counter Terrorism Unit’ from Dhaka arrived in Bandarban and were reportedly spotted in the Golden Jadi area of ​​a Buddhist temple.

◐ On 26 June, an initiative has been taken to set up a new army camp at Hatimuro in Pakshimuro area of ​​Hafchhari union under Guimara upazila of Khagrachhari hill district. For this purpose, a group of army personnel from Mahalchhari Army Zone took up position at the place for three days on June 28-30 and set up camp. It is to be noted that the locals had long ago taken the initiative to build a Buddhist monastery in the area. But the army prevented the construction of the temple.

◐ On 30 June, a group of army led by Captain Ahsan of Panchhari Army Zone in Panchhari Upazila of Khagrachhari Hill District raided Baidyapara in Pujgang and arrested three Jummas without any warrant. The arrested were identified as Pradip Moy Chakma (45) of Jaduganala village of Mahalchhari Upazila, Montu Chakma alias Sushil (45) of Baburo Para of Panchhari Upazila and Guri Lal Chakma alias Coin (35) of Akshay Para of Panchhari Upazila.

◐ On 31 June, a group of army personnel from Rowangchhari army camp in Rowangchhari upazila under Bandarban district went on a search operation in Natingjhiri Para of Alekshyang Union. At that time, the army personnel arrested Nirlal Thanchangya (42), a resident of Natingjhiri Para and beaten him severely taking him to the pond of the nearby Wagai Para.

Terrorist activities of army-backed armed groups

In June 2020, at least 16 incidents of various sorts of harassments to the people including 2 Jummas killed, 3 persons kidnapped, 5 beaten, 3 UP members threatened, 4 mobile phones snatched away as well as demanding extortion from many people, fining, detaining, threatening, village arrest, compelling to join meetings forcefully by army-backed Reformists and UPDF (Democratic) terrorist have taken place.

◑ Army-backed Reformist terrorists stationed at Subalong Bazaar of Barkal upazila under Rangamati Hill District demanded Tk. 3,000 per person as extortion from all government and non-government service holders of Barkal upazila. The Reformists demanded the extortion by making phone call according to the names and addresses of all government and non-government offices and the names and mobile numbers of service holders of Barkal collected by army of Subalong Bazaar Army Camp.

◑ On 4 June, the Reformist terrorists led by Reformist Mithun Chakma, at a meeting with the people of Jibtali-Chairman Para of Rangamati Sadar upazila under Rangamati Hill District, ordered the locals that they might work for either the Reformist group or the ruling Awami League leaving the PCJSS.

◑ On 6 June, the Reformist armed terrorists beat an innocent Jumma named Mr. Ranjit Chakma (50) inhumanly at Golachipa Chakma Para of Rajvila union of Bandarban Sadar upazila. The Reformists even had tied up Ranjit Chakma for several hours.

◑ On 8 June, a group of Reformist and UPDF-Democratic terrorists with the help of army killed a man named Mr. Padma Kumar Chakma alias Primex (40) by gun shot at village of Bhajjyatuli of Wagga union of Kaptai upazila under Rangamati district.

◑ On 10 June, Refa Chakma (52), Shantana Chakma (38), Chiji Chakma (28), Dhana Bikash Chakma (45) member of Ward No. 9, Rupayan Chakma (55) and Sudatta Chakma (62) resident of Chairman Para of Jibtali union of Rangamati Sadar upazila were harassed in various way when they went to meet with Reformists according to order. At that time, the Reformists assigned them the responsibility to bring Samiran Chakma, Sonamoni Chakma and Pramod Chakma to meet with them. The Reformists threatened that otherwise, the local public representatives would have to bear this responsibility if any one attacks upon Reformists.

◑ On 13 June, the Reformist terrorists beat Nirmal Kanti Chakma (40), a resident of Landrey Chara village of Ward No.4 of Jibtali union of Sadar upazila under Rangamati Hill District severely by sending for him to their place. The Reformists also snatched away the mobile phone from Nirmal Kanti Chakma.

◑ On 18 June, the UPDF-Democratic terrorists beat two innocent Jummas named Sagar Chakma (38) and Suresh Chandra Chakma (47), resident of Kamilachari village severely and fined Tk. 140,000, by sending for them at their place of Jibtali union of Rangamati Sadar upazila.

◑ On 20 June, a group of Reformists led by Mr. Purnanga Chakma harassed 6 innocent Jummas, resident of Billochara village of Barkal union of Barkal upazila under Rangamati Hill District by detaining for a long at Subalong Bazaar at allegation of being failure to give extortion within fixed time. The six victims were Suprio Chakma (32), Sourav Chakma (18), Soukhin Chakma (14), Priyo Ranjan Chakma (48), Chitti Sawbo Chakma (22) and Pallab Chakma (22). The victims were harassed on that day when they were returning home after having met a fellow villager who was under treatment at Rangamati General Hospital. Some a month ago, the Reformists demanded Tk.16,000 as extortion from the Billochara villagers. But the Reformists made this attack as the villagers failed to give that money within the fixed time.

◑ On 21 June, Rudro Chakma, a collector of UPDF-Democratic terrorist group demanded money by making phone call to the three members of Wagga Union Parishad of Kaptai upazila under Rangamati Hill District. The terrorists also threatened the said three members to be prepared for death if they were not able to give the demanded money. It is learnt that the terrorists demanded Tk. 150,000 from Bimal Tanchangya (38), member of Ward No.1, Tk. 150,000 from Niranjan Tanchangya (49), member of Ward No.2 and Tk. 300,000 from another Ward member Apan Tanchangya (47).

◑ On 21 June, the cadres of UPDF-Democratic group at first snatched away the mobile phone of Misti Kanti Chakma and then ordered him to go away another place leaving his house within 24 June, when Misti Kumar Chakma alias Ritan, a resident of Jibtali union of Rangamati Sadar upazila came to meet with UPDF-Democratic group at their place of Jibtali Chairman Para.

◑ On 24 June, a group of Reformist terrorist led by Bidhu Chakma severely beat a Jumma named Chinta Haran Chakma (30), a resident of Khraikhyong Chakma Para of Rajvila union of Sadar upazila under Bandarban district. Later, the guardians of Chinta Haran Chakma took back him on bail from the custody of Reformist terrorists.

◑ On 26 June, UPDF (Democratic) group imposed amounts of money as Tk. 20,000 for each Chairman and Tk. 5,000 for each Member sending for the Chairmen-Members of different union parishad under Bilachari upazila at the office of Jibtali union parishad.

◑ On 28 June, the Reformists killed a Jumma named Mr. Darmajoy Tripura (28) by gun shot at Bishnu Karbari Para (Hajapara) of Merung union of Dighinala upazila under Khagrachari Hill District. It is learnt that the house of the deceased was at Bobru Bahan Headman Para of Boalkhali union of Dighinala upazila.

◑ On 29 June, the UPDF (Democratic) terrorists snatched away the mobile phones of Binod Lal Chakma (55) and Kamala Devi Chakma (42), residents of Chairman Para of Jibtali union of Rangamati Sadar upazila and they were ordered to stay in house-arrest condition since that day.

◑ On 30 July, the Reformist terrorists abducted 3 innocent Jummas named Chikko Chakma (55), Pulin Buhari Chakma (40) and Shanti Bikash Chakma at gun point from the village of Nalbunia of Khedarmara union of Baghaichari upazila under Rangamati Hill District. At the time of abducting, the terrorists fired 4/5 rounds of blank shots.

◑ On 30 June, the terrorists, sending for Mr. Alinda Chakma, member of local union parishad along with another village leader by phone call to village of Pakujjechari and making them defendant on bail, released the abducted persons.  At the time of releasing, the terrorists ordered all the female persons of Nalbunia village to be present at Pakujjyachari village on the next day.

Land grabbing and communal attacks by Muslim settlers

Lama Upazila: A Muslim settler named Jalal Ahmed recently occupied land of a Jumma named Peter Tripura in Kattali Para of Ward No. 5 of Aziznagar Union in Lama Upazila under Bandarban District. It is learnt that on 17 June 2020 at noon, led by Md. Jahangir, the representative of Jalal Ahmed along with 3 more women, came to Peter Tripura’s land with axes to plant saplings. After receiving the news, while the real owner of the land, Peter Tripura, went to the spot to prevent him, rather Jahangir Ahmed threatened him.

When the local ward member Md. Hashem was called for resolving the dispute, he also ruled in favor of the occupier Md. Jalal Ahmed. Taking the opportunity, Jahangir and his associates planted saplings in the land of Peter Tripura in the presence of the ward member. Later, Peter Tripura and his neighbors went to the chairman of the Aziznagar Union Parishad, but Chairman took time for trial as he was ill. Meanwhile, Jalal Ahmed and his men have been threatening Peter Tripura and his men with death threats for taking the matter to the chairman for arbitration.

It is to be noted that when outsider Muslim settlers tried to occupy this land in 1998, the then UP member Nuruchchafa Master and other dignitaries demarcated the land by reviewing and sorting all the documents of the land in the presence of the plaintiffs and defendants. At that time, both sides agreed. But despite this, on 16 June 2020, Jalal Ahmed and his men occupied the land belonging to Peter Tripura.

Longadu Upazila: The occupation of lands of Jumma people by Bengali Muslim settlers has recently increased in different parts of Longadu upazila under Rangamati district. The following are some examples:

(A) Rangipara of Bagachatar Union: On 4 June 2020, two settlers named Md. Ali Ahmed Chowdhury, son of late Nazumia Chowdhury and Md. Abdul Alim Sarkar, son of Majnu Sarkar of Rangipara of Bagachatar Union built a house in the dark of night occupying around 12 acres of land including 3.0 acre recorded land owned by Nabinchan Chakma of Bagachotar Mouza in Longadu upazila. In this context, on 17 June, land owner Nabinchan Chakma submitted an application to the Longadu Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) to demolish the illegally constructed house and reinstate the land from the settlers’ occupation.

In response to the application, on 22 June 2020 at 12:30 pm, Assistant Commissioner (Land) Kathowai Prue Marma along with a group of police and a surveyor from the Upazila Land Office went to the disputed land to investigate on-site. Kankon Chakma, Headman of Bagachotar mouza, Newton Chakma, Headman of Petanyama Chhara Mouza and prominent personalities of the area and both the plaintiffs and defendants were present there at that time. During the on-the-spot investigation, Assistant Commissioner (Land) Kathowai Prue Marma instructed both sides to stop all activities in the disputed land until further orders. But even though the land owner Nabinchan Chakma complied with the land administration’s instruction, the Bengali settlers started clearing the jungle and digging holes illegally in the land from the day after the ban.

In this context, on 24 June 2020, Nabinchan Chakma informed the UNO and Assistant Commissioner (Land) further about the incident through the Upazila Land Surveyor. But on 29 June, disregarding the order of the Assistant Commissioner (Land) of Longadu Upazila, Longadu Upazila Chairman Md. Abdul Barek Sarkar distributed the land of Nabinchan Chakma among the Muslim settlers. At the time of writing this report, no action has been taken by the administration in this regard.

(B) Chailyatali of Bhasanya Adam Union: Four Muslim settlers, namely, (1) Md. Shah Alam, son of Narul Islam, (2) Md. Babul Mia, son of Md. Kasem Majhi, (3) Md. Yusuf, son of Md. Kasem Majhi, (4) Md. Nur Alam, son of Narul Islam from Chailyatali area of ​​Bhasanya Adam Union in Longadu upazila of Rangamati hill district have been accused of forcible occupation of around 15 acres of land owned by Jumma people. In this context, on 21 June 2020, the headman of Chailyatali Mouza, Bindumay Chakma, submitted a letter to the Assistant Commissioner (Land) of Longadu, fearing the forcible occupation of the disputed land and possible communal clashes by the Bengali settlers. Accordingly, the upazila administration directed both the parties to maintain the status quo. However, Muslim Bengali settlers are planting saplings in the disputed land despite the administration’s ban and are also threatening Jumma villagers with slaughtering them.

It is learnt that when a dispute arose between local Jumma people and Bengali settlers over land ownership at Jal Bajyamachhara in Chailyatali area, Kanungo of Longadu Upazila Land Office, on behalf of the administration, conducted an on-the-spot investigation as the convener of the dispute investigation committee on 6 January 2005. Administrative, social and political leaders of the upazila including Jumma people and Bengali settlers were present at the time. Later that day, a meeting was held between the two sides to identify the disputed land and decided that no one could cultivate the area until further notice. But ignoring the ban, the Bengali settlers started planting in the disputed area in March 2020. Immediately after the matter was reported to the local BGB camp commander, it was again decided in the presence of the BGB camp commander on 25 March 2020 that since the land was disputed and administration’s ban is imposed, no party could carry out any activities there.

But even then the Muslim settlers are continuing to occupy the land in various ways. They have already planted some native mango saplings in the area. In this situation, somebody have picked up or uprooted the mango plants on 18 June 2020. Later in the day, Muslim settlers spread rumor without any evidence that the Jummas had taken the mango plants from the land. Besides, they provided various threats to Jumma people unilaterally blaming them. The Bengali settlers even threatened to slaughter a Jumma person in exchange of a mango plant and not allow the Jumma people to enter the Bazar.

(C) Khagrachhari of Bhasanya Adam Union: On 29 June 2020, it has been alleged that Muslim Bengali settlers have cut down about 5.0 acres of fruit and forest trees of Jumma villagers in Khagrachhari village of Khagrachhari mouza under Bhasanya Adam Union in Longadu upazila. It is to be noted that for a long time, the Bengali Muslim settlers of Khagrachhari Bazar area of ​​Khagrachhari Mouza have been trying to infiltrate in the surrounding land of Jumma people, collect timber and occupy the land. As a part of it, a group of 20-22 Muslim settlers attacked the Jumma’s occupied land with sharp weapons, axes, and swords. Although the Jummas tried to resist, the Bengali settlers forcibly cut down the fruit and forest vegetation created by the Jummas and cleared the jungle for the purpose of occupying the land cultivating by the Jumma people.

Panchhari Upazila: It has been reported that Muslim settlers have occupied 5.0 acres of land owned by a local Jumma in Maratila area of ​​Panchhari upazila under Khagrachhari district. The owner of the land is Deba Ranjan Tripura, a resident of Padmini Para of Ward No. 7 of Ultachhari Union of Panchari upazila. The land is situated on the side of Tabalchhari-Panchhari road under Tailafang mouza, next to Jharnatila army camp. On 22-28 June 2020, Abdul Motaleb and Anwar Dalwal, a resident of Bhuiyan Para near Tabalchhari Bazar in Panchhari, cut down a five-year-old teak plantation made by Deba Ranjan Tripura and instead settlers planted mango saplings there to occupy the land. The land owner tried to prevent the settlers but nothing happened. On the contrary, Bengali settlers have reportedly threatened to kill Deba Ranjan Tripura.

Naikhyongchhari Upazila: It has been alleged that Naik Subedar Alamgir of Painchhari BOP Camp of Dochhari Union under 11th BGB Battalion of Naikhyongchhari Upazila of Bandarban District is illegally occupying 8.0 acres of land of Jumma people. It is learnt that the 8.0 acres of land of 2nd and 3rd class mentioned in the Holding No. 24, Khatiyan No. 29, Dag No. 1468 and 1473 is settled in the name of Boukhyan Marma’s five sons, namely, Kyaw Krai headman, Kyaw Nue Marma, Mong Nue Marma, Mehla Nue Marma and Suiye Nue Marma.

On 14 June 2020 and 30 June 2020, Naik Subedar Md. Alamgir of Painchhari BOP Camp, quoting Lt. Col. Asaduzzaman, Zone Commander, said that it has been proposed to set up an alternative BGB camp at that land. A consent has to be written on a white paper that the land for setting up the BGB camp should be given when sought. When the owners of the land expressed inability to give signatures, Naik Subedar of the camp threatened saying that it was the instruction of the zone commander. The Subedar of the camp has been illegally forcing the land owners to take signatures on white paper again and again, enforcing various rules and regulations.

According to the landowners, there is already a Painchhari BOP camp within a distance of one km from the land. BGB authorities had proposed to set up alternative camps on their land without knowing them. The landowners are fearful of being subjected to false, fabricated and conspiratorial cases and various forms of harassment and torture by the BGB of the camp including taking signature forcibly. Landowners have planted teak, mango, lemon, tamarind, banana, papaya and other orchards in this land. The land mentioned is their ancestral homestead and one of their brothers’ house exists on this land. That land is their only means of survival.

Rohingya infiltration in Bandarban and drug trade of Rohingya militants

In the first week of June 2020, Rohingyas fled Cox’s Bazar after breaking the coronavirus lockdown and reportedly entering Bandarban district freely. They took shelter in a neighborhood called ‘Paingsi Ghona’ in Kalaghata of Ward No. 3 of Bandarban Municipality. A village inhabited by Rohingyas called Rupnagar next to Paingsi Ghona was inaugurated by the CHT Affairs Minister Bir Bahadur himself a long time ago. Rohingyas are entering Bandarban freely despite strict surveillance in the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar to prevent them from spreading elsewhere.

On 01 June 2020, armed Rohingya robbers clashed with the BGB in the Baishphari area in Ghumdhum Union in Naikhyongchhari upazila near the Myanmar border. It is learnt that there are camps and training centers of Rohingya Muslim armed militant groups like ARSA, RSO, Alikan etc. in the border area of ​​Naikhyongchhari. In 2018, Chak villagers were compelled to abandon Satghajja village in Naikhyongchari due to harassment and threatening of Rohingya robbers. A few years ago, 15 families of the Chak community were evicted from their land in Badujhiri of Naikhyongchhari, as a result of threats and harassment by land grabbers and Rohingya robbers. At least 20 Marma and Thanchangya villagers are reported to have been killed by Rohingya armed groups in the Naikhyongchhari area in recent years.

Rohingya armed militants like RSO, ARSA and Alikan are smuggling yaba and various drugs and gold from Myanmar through pillars 39-41 of Bangladesh-Myanmar border in Naikhyangchhari upazila. It is learnt that they bring all these goods to Bangladesh from Myanmar and sell them to local traders in Naikhyongchari.

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This report has been published and circulated by Information and Publicity Department of Parbatya Chattagram Jana Smahati Samiti (PCJSS) from its Central Office, Kalyanpur, Rangamati, Chittagong Hill Tracts.