The Parbattya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti (PCJSS) expresses strong protest and condemnation over conspiring cases filed against 60 innocent persons including the PCJSS members falsely involving them in the killing incident of one Smritimoy Chakma Koko, an armed terrorist belonged to Tatindra-Sudarshan-led Reformist group shot by some unidentified person or persons while conducting extortion drive in Subalong area of Barkal Upazila under Rangamati Hill district recently.

In a press release signed by Assistant General Secretary of the PCJSS Gunendu Bikash Chakma said that ever since signing of the CHT Accord in 1997, the ruling class and authorities of the army and intelligence forces deployed in CHT extend their support to the anti-accord-armed groups and indulge them in conducting unabated extortion, killing, kidnapping and terrorist activities in CHT, with mean objective to obstruct the implementation process of the CHT Accord as well as to destroy the PCJSS leadership engaged in movement with demand for implementation of the Accord. Following the same strategy, during the emergency period in 2007-2008, the Sudhasindhu-Tatindra-led Reformist group was provided extensive support that unleashed a reign of terror, extortion and killing throughout the CHT. As a part of the ill-design, during the 11th Parliamentary Polls, the Reformist armed terrorist groups were brought in Baghaichari, Longadu, Naniarchar, Kaptai and Rajasthali by the ruling party and army with full security and assistance. Soon the miscreants began their misdeeds through extortion and killing one after another. Furthermore, in the same manner, the ruling class in association with the security forces brought in a foreign armed terrorist group Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) locally introduces itself as ‘Mogh Party’ Bandarban Sadar Upazila in Bandarban district and in Rajasthali and Kaptai Upazila of Rangamati district, and let them do away with series of killing, kidnapping and extortion unabatedly.

It was the latest example, the army escorted a 14-member armed group of Reformist faction from Dighinala to Longadu Launch Ghat by two micro-bus. During the escort journey, the army deployed flawless patrolling parties all along the way from Dighinala to Longadu to enable the terrorist group to reach the destination in safe and sound health. On that day, the armed terrorists packed their arms and ammunitions in jute-made sacks while they were being escorted from Dighinala to Longadu Launch Ghat. No sooner the party touched the Longadu Launch Ghat, the Reformist terrorist troop was boarded in the pre-rented three speed motor boats and taken to Subalong Bazaar under Barkal Upazila of Rangamati Hill district. Md. Belal, DGFI member of Longadu zone and the army jeep that had escorted the terrorist group remained standing by at the Launch Ghat until the three boats carrying the terrorists crossed the spot named: Furo Mukh adjacent to Longadu Bazaar. As the three boats carrying the terrorists got their way at wider part of the lake, the DGFI member Md. Belal left the place and the escort-vehicle started for Dighinala.

The 14-member Reformist terrorist group led by Sushil Chakma alias Probesh and Purnanga Chakma soon created terror immediately after their arrival at Subalong Bazaar. They set up check post at the Bazaar with army’s assistance. At their own, they began messy checking all categories of the water-way transports including the goods carriers and passenger boats while harassing the innocent passengers and business communities in various forms and manners. At gun point, they began extortion from the business men and villagers at their whims and wishes. With intimidation of weapons, they continued to extract money by sending in messages from village to village. Consequently, the people in and around became panic-stricken and dared not to go to Subalong bazaar.

The last illustration of using the armed terrorist organization in extortion and killing mission under sponsorship of the ruling party in association with the security forces and prompt action taken against the PCJSS members and rights activists if there happens any incident, is the incident of Subalong that took place on 27 June 2019. On that day, around 9:00 am while 3 Reformist armed terrorists boarded in a speed boat was chasing after a sand-carrying motor-boat for extortion, one reformist terrorists named Smritimoy Chakma Koko died of drowning in the lake. At this circumstance, the other reformists stationed at Subalong bazaar and a group of army from Subalong camp rushed in the scene and rescued the alive two reformist armed terrorists chasing the sand-carrier boat.

It is matter of regret that as measure of the incident, in place of taking step against the reformist arms cadres and extortionists, a projected case was gotten filed with Barkal Police Station by one Pritimoy Chakma against 60 persons including PCJSS members working at central, district, thana and various levels, conspiringly entangling them in the concocted and baseless case. It is needless to point out that the possibility of settling the CHT crisis by peaceful and political means is being spoiled through exercising such conspiracy and thereby the overall situation of CHT is being pushed from complex to more complexity, which can never bring in good result in the national interest.

In this circumstance, in the interest of security of CHT inhabitants and CHT Accord, PCJSS demands withdrawal of the cases filed by Pritimoy Chakma against 60 innocent persons including the PCJSS members working at Central, District, Upazila and other levels; and to stop extortion and terrorist activities of the Reformist group stationed at Subalong with the support of army.